What Stones Should I Have In My Vehicle?

I see a lot of car bags out there that include high energy/frequency stones that really shouldn’t be kept in your car.  There are enough hyped up, stressed out, and people paying attention to their phones, stereo, other people in their vehicles etc., don’t make yourself one of those inadvertently.

Stones I commonly see in car bags that should be avoided are: Clear quartz, smoky quartz, amethyst, herkimer diamonds etc..

I also see stones like rainbow moonstone, which are excellent for your boat, but don’t really have much of a benefit for travel protection on land.

I keep a muslin bag of the following stones under each seat, as well as hanging from my rearview mirror for safer traveling. I also keep a 3 inch piece of raw black tourmaline in my console, the energy of anything bigger is too distracting to the driver.


I use a natural fiber bag to allow the energies of the stones to flow freely. A man made fiber will restrict the energy of the stones within the bag, and won’t do you as much good.


Selenite for safe boundaries, cleansing, guides, peaceful environment, and strengthening your auric field.



Rose Quartz for attracting loving energies and protecting your auric field.


Gold Tiger’s Eye, Red Tiger’s Eye and Blue Tiger’s Eye to protect and energize your solar plexus, root and throat chakra to help you to safely execute your will as it relates to yours and your passengers safety.

Red, Blue and Gold Tiger's Eyye

Red, Blue and Gold Tiger’s Eyye

Tiger Iron for a strong connection to the Earth for grounding and protection.


Fluorite (preferably green and purple), for clarity, focus, and quick decisions.


Please make sure you are properly caring for your stones energetic needs, as well as your own and your vehicles as well. Need more info on how to do this? Just click Here

Blessings Y’all~

You can make your own car bags, or if you’d like me to make them for you, they’re available Here:

Blessings Y’all~


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