Peaceful Home/Protection Grid

I’ve recently reworked my peaceful home/protection grid to be 4 smaller grids within 1 larger grid.  I love working with grids within grids, and am reworking my chakra grids to be 9 smaller grids within a 10th larger grid, which I will share with y’all soon.

This may appear to be a square grid at first glance, but it is actually a 4 sided pyramid grid. (with 4 smaller pyramids inside the larger outer grid).  I chose a pyramid grid for several reasons.

1.  Pyramid shapes create bioenergy.

2. Pyramid shapes automatically amplify energy.

3. Square based pyramid shapes represent the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water combining to create the fifth element of Spirit.

4. Pyramid shapes are ideal for charging objects within them.

Side note: this grid is oriented to magnetic north.

I use mirrors to amplify the energy of the center stone, and the 4 smaller grids.

Underneath the center stone, but on top of the mirror, I have placed my written intentions for this grid, along with the full name, date and place of birth of everyone whom this grid is intended for.

I like to use candle holders whenever possible in my grids, as this amplifies the energy of the grid, and lighting the candles and letting them burn is a way of interacting with the grid as well.  I do this daily.  I only use organic beeswax candles in my grids, or for any other purpose, so as not to add the harmful energies of the toxins in non-organic/natural ingredients into my grids or my space.

The Square base of the external grid is created with 4 large bars of raw selenite, and 4 square selenite candle holders. The center stone is a large piece of raw tourmaline with mica. On top of the bars I have chosen to use raw black tourmaline, apophyllite clusters, raw amethyst, raw shungite and raw chalcopyrite.  On top of the candle holders are raw shungite and raw amethyst root points. The raw amethyst root points direct the energy in a clockwise direction, drawing helpful energies.

The four smaller pyramid grids have a rainbow clear quartz polished generator center point,  raw labradorite, raw rose quartz, raw smoky quartz, and black fluorite clusters around them, with raw shungite in between.  Raw amethyst root points direct the flow of the outer stones to the center stone, which amplifies them.

In between  the 4 smaller pyramids and the center stone are double terminated rainbow clear quartz polished points, which are used to allow the energy to flow both in to the center stone as well as out to the entire grid system.

The open spaces within the grid are where I charge stones, jewelry and other objects.

The reasons I chose these specific stones are as follows:

Selenite: Cleanses and charges the auric field, high crown chakra, as well as stones and objects.

Black Tourmaline: Transmutes energy that we see as harmful into energy that is helpful and sends it back out.

Smoky Quartz: Channels harmful energy away from the chakras, auric field, objects and spaces into the Earth, where it is transmuted and sent wherever it is needed.

Rose Quartz: Transmutes harmful energy, and surrounds with a peaceful, loving energy.

Shungite: This is the #1 most protective stone out there in my experience.  It deeply connects you to the Earth through your Earth Star chakra, and amplifies energetic fields, as well as creating an armor like shield against many, many harmful energies.

Clear Quartz: Amplifies energy, as well as energizes the crown and high crown chakra.

Black Fluorite:  Clears harmful energy from from the aura and astral areas like nobody’s business, lol.

Labradorite:  Auric field shield, and aids the 3rd eye.

Amethyst:  Activates the 3rd eye, and raises the energy to such a high frequency that low level energies can not stay.

Chalcopyrite:  Clears and activates the high crown chakra, connects you with higher beings and sifts through information to bring you exactly what you need to know to help you.

Apophyllite:  Brings clarity, connects the crown and high crown chakras to the 3rd eye chakra, calms fears, purifies space, and aids communication with higher beings (Gods and/or Goddesses, Guides, Angels , Elements and Elementals etc. )

A selenite wand was used to activate the grid.

I also have a quartz cluster sub grid set up underneath this grid in the same pattern to amplify it.

This grid is 25 inches across.


Selenite candle holder with an organic beeswax tealight. The purple stones are amethyst root points, the black stones are shungite.


Black tourmaline with quartz and mica in the center of the grid. Intention papers placed beneath it, but on top of the square mirror. Double terminated quartz points at the corners connecting the mini grids to the center stone.


Overhead view in daylight.


Overhead view at night.


Sides have large long raw selenite slabs with amethyst root point, raw black tourmaline, shungite, chalcopyrite, amethyst root point, black tourmaline and apophyllite, (left to center, then reversed on the other side of the apophylite).




Black tourmaline, shungite, labradorite, amethyst root point and black tourmaline on selenite.


Mini grids have a water clear quartz generator in the center surrounded by 4 amethyst root points pointing in. Outer square has smoky quartz, rose quartz, labradorite, and black fluorite with shungite in between on a square mirror.

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